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"My six-year grandson has autism but responds beautifully to Imagine Speech. He can manipulate the mouse to go through the activities, so he is learning computer facility while he practices his speech. He loves the characters and has made a real connection with them. Our whole family is grateful for your innovative approach." Anne Heuisler, Grandparent

"I have found that the incredibly motivating graphics, hierarchy of prompting, and positive reinforcement for correct responses make the Imagine Speech games very effective tools to target commonly occurring areas of need for children with speech-language disorders." Kathryn Mills, M.A., CCC-SLP

"My son absolutely loves the games! He's learning, engaged, and having fun!" Christina Rienhoff, Parent

"Your games are great! My niece loves them! She has a mind like a sponge at 4 years-old and asked me the other day if we could play 'Super Question Quest.' It had been about a week since we last played the games, and she asked for it by name!" Mike Knauer, Uncle