Preposition Playhouse - CD Rom Version for Mac & Windows

Preposition Playhouse - CD Rom Version for Mac & Windows $59.99

Interactive software for prepositions including On, In, Under, Over, Next to, and Between.

Preposition Playhouse activities are designed for pre-school and elementary school age children practicing the receptive language skill of prepositions. Reading skills are not necessary and only mouse computer skills are needed. Data is tracked for you! Easy to install and also available for immediate download in Windows and Mac versions.

Children put items on, in, under, over, next to, and between places. Prepositions can be practiced in isolation or mixed for example, just the on preposition or on, in, under, over, next to, and between prepositions mixed together. Each preposition selection begins with training activities that have animated models and direct instruction and concludes with an animated review. Visual and auditory cueing match direct instruction given in training activities. In addition to cueing, answer choices are narrowed in a systematic fashion and feedback is given. Correct answers are positively reinforced in a sentence format. For example, children are given the direction, "Put the duck in the bathtub." Once the duck cursor is placed in the bathtub, a sentence reads, "the duck is in the bathtub" and an animated reward follows.

CD ROM VERSION INFO: This is the CD Rom version of the game that contains versions for both Mac and Windows.  This game CD is shipped directly to your doorstep.  You will receive an email shortly after purchase with your Software Key: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.  Once you install the game on a computer, you will have up to 7 days to enter your key and activate your new software.

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