For SLPs & Teachers

Imagine Speech Games have many features for SLPs and Teachers!

  • Games are designed like a therapy session and include training activities, models, cueing and prompting, targeted trials, review, lots of positive praise, and fun rewards.
  • Games keep track of assisted and independent answers to help you record data.
  • Multi-modality learning is utilized and allows individual learning styles to be harnessed. Games are visual, auditory, and interactive! Children learn by hearing, seeing, or reading, and children actively learn by playing games.
  • Software is developed on principles on Applied Behavior Analysis including positive reinforcement and discrete trial training.
  • Skills are broken into sub-components, so that targets can be practiced in isolation and mixed to promote mastery and generalization of skills.
  • Support with hierarchical cueing is built into games to ensure success and reinforcement of skills. Cues include visual and auditory prompting and narrowing of choices.
  • Success is key to Imagine Speech. After 3 tries, only correct answers remain. The first trial in every series matches the model to increase success. Cues and prompts begin minimal and increase in intensity as needed. In addition, beginner, intermediate, and expert levels are included in Question Quest games.
  • Character introductions provide 4 appropriate social greeting models.
  • Targeted trials are randomly ordered to prevent anticipation of answers by order.
  • The correct single word and short phrase answers are expanded into sentences when selected.
  • There are opportunities to provide instruction and feedback before and after each trial. Also, games can on their own with instruction from Imagine, the dog, who provides direct instruction, feedback, and prompting. 
  • The next button allows you to skip ahead to targeted trials and skip rewards, so that you can maximize the amount of trials in an allotted time period.
  • Minimal computer skills necessary. Only need to use the mouse!
  • Fun animation, 3D characters, and story book pictures make Imagine Speech games motivating.
  • Only positive reinforcement!
  • Questions, directions, and answers can be heard as many times as needed.
  • Games work with 1 student or multiple students. Practice turn taking!
  • Can be used in classroom during centers, computer time, and as rewards!