For Parents

Imagine Speech Games have many features for Parents!

  • Computer time can be used to reinforce the same goals your child is working on in school and in speech-language therapy!
  • Games address skills on individual education plans (IEPs)!
  • Games are designed by a licensed speech-language pathologist!
  • Games are fun and interactive, so that your child is finding enjoyment and is motivated. Games have 3D characters, story book pictures, and fun animation.
  • Play with your child or let your child play independently.
  • Minimal computer skills are necessary. Only mouse use is needed!
  • Games flow like a therapy session and include models, practice, review, and teaching of skills.
  • Success is built into games with picture and auditory cues. Cues increase as needed. Models match first practice items to increase success and familiarity. After 3 tries, only correct answers remain to ensure success. In addition, Question Quest games have beginner, intermediate, and expert levels.
  • Lots of positive praise and reinforcement!
  • Reading skills are not necessary. All answer choices have pictures, and answer choices, questions, and directions are read aloud.
  • Questions, directions, and answers can be heard as many times as needed.
  • Practice items can be practiced individually and mixed together to increase transfer of skills. For example, who questions can be practiced in isolation or mixed with where, what, and when questions.
  • Practice items are randomly ordered to prevent anticipation of answers by order and to keep games fresh.
  • Character introductions provide 4 models of appropriate social greetings.
  • You can provide instruction and feedback before and after each practice item or just let the game run on its own.

Have fun with speech and language!